Thursday, August 20, 2009

And a Grand Time Was Had by All!

OK, except for the dead guy in the boiler room.

Another Killer Nashville has come and gone; too short, too soon.

Up first, thanks to all who attended. The variety and quality of the writers who attend are what makes KN so much fun, and so important for mystery writers.

Second, but first in my heart, a huge well done and thanks to the staff and all of the volunteers. It went like clockwork.
(As any good crime should, right?) :)

An amazingly long list of attendees got the chance to get some excellent advice from, and pitch their books to, three extraordinary publishing reps.

My thanks, and all of KillerNashville's thanks, for their endless patience, good humor, professionalism and openness, to:

Jill Marr, Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Lucienne Diver, The Knight Agency, and
Maryglenn McCombs, Oceanview Publishing

The downside of being an attendee is that you miss some awesome presentations. (I had to leave the "Mind of a Psychopath" session halfway through. Now I'll never know if Dr. Benning was talking about me.)

To all of the presenters, from everyone at KillerNashville, our thanks for sharing your expertise and advice.

All of that and more is true of our very lovely and special guest, J. A. Jance. She was wonderful, heartwarming and enlightening. She even gave us a song. It was an excellent and memorable session.

This wouldn't be complete without a thank you to the dead guy in the boiler room, and to the guys from TBI- Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, who put him there. The crime scene this year was a scream.

Congratulations to all of this years winners and awardees:

  • Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award: Chester D. Campbell, for The Surest Poison
  • Killer Nashville Claymore Dagger Award: Linda Black for The Death of Noble Dancer
  • SEMWA Magnolia Award: Elizabeth (Beth) Terrell
  • Wolfmont doorprize basket: Kristin Lemons

There are a few dozen more people that we need to thank, and as we pull some pictures together (I hope), we'll follow up and thank them proper in later posts.

For now though, let me leave you with a bit of hope --

The last session this year ended just about 2:30 Sunday.
The planning session for next year started at 3:00.

See YOU in 2010.

Butch Wilson
and very proud to say
I was at KillerNashville, 2009.